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Newsletter No. 18 – October 2015

Tuesday 27th October 2015
The Willertons, BARNSLEY

Hi All,

And now for something completely different!….Last month’s meeting of Trinity Players’ committee decided to stage a very different Christmas celebration this year.

Instead of the usual formal meal, they have decided to stage a festive feast of fun, fayre and frivolity with a party held at our own Crookes Street home. So please get your diaries out and note that the date will be Saturday, December 19th; the charge will be £5 a head and members are invited to bring family members and/or close friends with them to join the merriment.

While music and fun will be the order of the evening, there will also be a quiz and the opportunity for attendees to entertain in a variety of ways. So if you’d like to perform your party piece or have other ways of keeping us entertained, please contact social secretary Joe Battye or any committee member. The same goes for anyone able to help with the catering and hall decoration.

The decision to go for an informal party was taken by Paul Taylor (chairman); secretary Dale Rivers, treasurer Jim Parkinson, and colleagues: Ruth Willerton, Neil Barham, John Parker and Joe Battye at the meeting, held at the Willerton home. (Apologies being received from Barbara Parkinson, Jane Laverack and Ian Harley). It followed consideration of festive fayre on offer at various locations including the Dodworth’s Holiday Inn and The Fairway, Wortley Hall, Barnsley FC, Shaw Lane Sports Centre and The Talbot at Mapplewell.

Dale Rivers, taking over in the hot seat following six years of Bob Willerton direction, announced that rehearsals are now under way for our 2016 pantomime production, Jack and the Beanstalk.

The show is being staged at Trinity Hall at 7pm on Fridays January 15 and 22, at 2.30pm and 6pm on Saturdays January 16 and 23, and at 4pm on Sunday, January 17. Two deals will be in place to offset the increase in admission prices. The first is a family ticket for two adults and two children being on offer at £20while the second is a two-for-one offer on tickets forthe opening Friday. Those making bookings, however, will have to fund credit card charges.

Dale reported that his appeal for performers to register their interest resulted in a good response. An increased number of children are now showcasing their dancing talents under the watchful eye of choreographer Joe Battye on Saturday mornings.

Flyers are being printed and Neil has recruited Malcolm Afferson, John Ryal, Phil Johnson and Ian Harley to his production team not to mention Bob Willerton as his right-hand man.

Last but not least, Jim Parkinson is already making great headway on music and lights.

Director John Parker congratulated everyone on a great performance adding that audiences had shown appreciation of the new carpet.

Treasurer Jim reported that the show had made a nett profit in the region of £678.

The meeting decided that pantomime casts should be encouraged to mingle with audiences, greet friends and pose for photographs with children etc. at the end of performances. For plays, however, that role should be undertaken only by front-of-house staff as part of their standard duties.

FoH staff will also be asked, at future performances, to record walk-ins on the seating plan and hand the sheet in together with the takings.

Members decided to keep the newsletter after each meeting and in its current format.

The schedule was agreed but is yet to be ratified. Suggestions discussed include:

1) Abigail’s Party (Mike Leigh)
2) Opposite Sex (David Tristram)
3) Murder is Announced (Agatha Christie)
4) Gaslight (Patrick Hamilton)
5) Walter Ego (Our own Andrew Crossland)
6) Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime (Oscar Wilde)

It was decided to take the Autumn 2016 production to the Lamproom.

Joe Battye produced some ideas and will come up with a firm plan.

There is a lot of backing for this project and volunteers will be required. Please make your availability known.

November 24th. Venue to be arranged.
Comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 17 – September 2015

Tuesday 29th September 2015
The Miners, BARNSLEY

The unexpected elopement of our multi-talented sound and lighting technician, Jim Parkinson, with the social secretary of DO-NUTS (Dodworth Over-90s Nude Trampoline Society) meant that Trinity Players’ Committee spent most of Tuesday’s meeting bouncing around in the dark. We now understand that Jim’s illogical behaviour stems from his unfortunate encounter with the narrow metal protuberance of a passing Ford Transit cargo vehicle. It seems the resultant wound became infected and resulted in temporary insanity (a condition which Jim tells us is known as Van Aerial Disease). Needless to say, Jim will be welcomed back to our ranks once that insanity has returned to a state of permanency.

Well hopefully that load of balderdash will have attracted your attention and got you into the second sentence of this newsletter. There is, however, a serious side to it as our secretary, Dale, told the meeting that some members have confided that they never read this newsletter. So what are your views? Is this newsletter unnecessary and should this 18th issue be the last? If you want it to continue, perhaps you would be kind enough to acknowledge receipt this newsletter and indicate whether you have read it? Thanking you in anticipation.

The meeting, held at the Miners’ Rest in Old Town, attracted a full complement of members: Paul Taylor (chair), Dale Rivers (Sec), Jim Parkinson (treas), Ruth Willerton (Vice), Barbara Parkinson, Joe Battye, Jane Laverack, John Parker, Neil Barham and Ian Harley. It opened with Barbara reporting the death of Mrs Doris Austin, a member of the society for many years and well remembered for her diligence in the role of prompt, attending every rehearsal.

It was agreed that a card of condolence be sent to the family on behalf of the society.


Director John Parker reported that rehearsals for SHTR were progressing well and had already reached the scripts-down stage. He thanked Neil and his team for a magnificent set constructed well ahead of schedule and Jim for his sound and lighting effects. John’s main concern is now with publicity and ticket sales.

Jim appealed for all members to help minimise box office commission payments by booking seats for the show through himself, Dale or Bob Willerton who is manning the Trinity Box Office telephone on 07510967772. Bob can also be texted on 07960459014 or emailed at bobwillerton@yahoo.co.uk

Dale announced that he intends to pay for an advertisement for the show on Facebook which, if shared by all Trinity members to all their friends, could see up to 17,000 people received details of the show. Please keep an eye on FB notifications.

Jane and Ian undertook to seek further publicity on local radio and in the Barnsley Chronicle etc.

Joe reported she is now in contact with a young woman suitably qualified for running theatre classes (production as well as performance) for children during school holidays. The hope is that such classes could lead to rehearsals for a children’s show – September being the most suitable month to capitalise on skills gained during the summer holidays. No doubt we’ll be seeking your help if things go ahead.

Consideration was given to cast members mingling with and speaking to members of audiences at the close of shows. It was decided to allow pantomime cast members to join with the audience and pose for photographs etc. should they wish to do so.

Also discussed was a suggestion to offer unsold seats at discount prices to residents of local old people’s homes, senior citizen clubs and the like. Further investigation is to follow.

Disability access – Neil was asked to look again at ways of improving access for disabled people at Trinity.

Dale reported that a production meeting had already been held for our 2016 pantomime offering, Jack And The Beanstalk, being staged at Trinity at 7pm on Fridays January 15 and 22; 4pm on Sunday, January 17. Prices are to rise from the current £6 (£5 concessions) to £6.50 (£5.50 concessions).

Director Dale would like to hear from anyone with suitable pantomime jokes or suggestions for comic interludes on home@dalerivers.com Oh yes he would!

Paul reported that committee newcomer, John, had volunteered his services for a new role as forward planner – the idea being to have a rolling programme of productions ready for staging. With that in mind he asked members wishing to direct a play to affirm or reaffirm their interest as soon as possible.

“It’s an opportune to consider forward planning,” said Paul. “While AndrewCrossland, Michael Ross, Bob Willerton and the Revd. Nick have all expressed a willingness to direct shows, no decisions has been made and a level playing field exists at present.

We want to hear what people want to put on and don’t want anyone to assume anything at this stage.”

Members are reminded that Saturday October 24th is the date of this year’s Hunters’ Moon event which will see Trinity member Peter Horner and Jeff open the doors of at 2.30pm and 6pm on Saturdays January 16 and 23 and at their beautiful Langsett home to Trinity members. If you are thinking of attending, please contact Peter.

Joe Battye announced that brochures detailing Christmas celebratory events at Dodworth’s Holiday Inn, Wortley Hall, the Talbot at Mapplewell, Tankersley Manor and the Fairway at Dodworth had been obtained but all seemed to charging £25 or more for sit-down meals followed by dancing.

Ruth suggested widening the search to look at the booking of rooms for a Trinity-only event possibly with buffet rather than sit-down meal. Shaw Lane sports centre, church halls, local clubs and the upstairs rooms of two restaurants in Barnsley town centre were among those mentioned. Joe was asked to investigate further and given power to make a booking if necessary.

Tuesday October 27th – venue to be arranged.

Comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 16 – August 2015

Monday 10th August 2015
Dale’s House, BARNSLEY

The August 10th meeting of Trinity Players’ committee saw newly-elected Joe Battye, Jane Laverack and John Parker join with Ruth Willerton (Vice Chairman), Dale Rivers (Sec), Jim Parkinson (Treas), Neil Barham, Ian Harley and Barbara Parkinson for the first time.

In the absence of chairman, Paul Taylor, the meeting, held at Dale’s home, saw Ruth chair the proceedings. Joe and Jane soon found themselves in the thick of things with Joe agreeing to take over Andrew Crossland’s former role as social secretary and Jane taking over responsibilities for publicity from Anne Prew. Anne, however, has kindly agreed to continue her library/script responsibilities at least for the time being.

Other specialist fields of operation remain unchanged.


Wednesday 14th October to Saturday 17th October 7.15 p.m. start

Director John Parker announced that rehearsals for SHTR are well under way with Sophie Goddard taking the role of Penelope, Michael Cutts as Lionel, Jane Laverack as Ida, Joe Battye as Miss Skillon, Bob Willerton as the Bishop, Andrew Crossland as Clive, Peter Horner as the ‘man’, Hugh Jones as Humphrey and John, himself, as the sergeant. Similarly the set is already taking shape thanks to the efforts of Neil while Jim Parkinson and John Ryal are already reporting success in the acquisition of music and props respectively.

Rozi Afferson, already gainfully employed in reading-in duties for rehearsals, has volunteered her services as prompt and producer, Paul Taylor, has meticulously planned rehearsal schedules now being rigorously followed by John, on occasions.

Also commendable is Bob Willerton’s offer to take responsibilty for the Box Office phone.

One possible problem centres around the need for contemporary British currency for this Philip King wartime romp later adapted to the immediate post-war years. So if your sleep is still being disturbed by those large white five-pound and brown ten-shilling notes, half-crowns and florins secreted in that ageing mattress, you know where to bring them!

Last but not least, publicity material has been prepared with the help of Phil Johnson. Tickets should also be bookable via the website to be collected on the night.


Neil reported that the Trinity clear-out operation had now been extended into the cellar. With items removed, it is hoped the area will quickly dry out and permit the fitting of storage shelving.

Members agreed that the notification of those successful and unsuccessful in auditions – and perhaps the staging of them – should be placed on the agenda of the next meeting.

Also to be considered is whether to engage with audience members as they leave the premises at the end of shows.

Joe Batttye said that as the closing night of SHTR coincides with her birthday, she was prepared to supply some light refreshments to facilitate a joint celebration.

Committee member Barbara Parkinson is also a birthday celebrant.

Joe also suggested looking at alternative means of funding our activities. One suggestion could be the running of classes in such areas as performance skills and set-building during school holiday periods. Members agreed to consider this at a future meeting. If you have ideas, please make them known.

A junior membership card design submitted by Jim Parkinson was approved by the committee. The cost of junior membership was previously set at £1 a year.


The meeting agreed a modest increase in admission charges for our 2016 pantomime offering, Jack And The Beanstalk, being directed by Dale. Prices will rise from the current £6 (£5 concessions) to £6.50 (£5.50 concessions). It is, of course, our first price increase in recent years and consideration is to be given at a later date to the proposal of again offering discounts on the opening night.

The show is to open at Trinity on Friday, January 15th. The full list of performance dates and curtain-up times is:

Fridays January 15th and January 22nd 7pm
Saturdays January 16th and January 23rd 2.30pm and 6pm
Sunday January 17th 4pm


After some discussion it was decided not to accept Barnsley FC’s invitation to rebook their function rooms for this year’s Trinity Christmas celebration. Joe Batty has consequently undertaken to look at what’s on offer at other venues and report back to a future meeting. Among the venues being considered are the Holiday Inn at Dodworth and the Talbot Inn at Mapplewell. If you have any recommendations, please let Joe know.

The decision to leave Barnsley FC for this year at least was taken following reports that last year’s event had resulted in fewer Trinity attendees. The was also criticism from some with regard the standard of the meal, loudness of music and darkness of the room.

Ian Harley reported that former social secretary Peter Horner and, of course, Jeff, had again offered their home as a base to attend Langsett’s famous Hunters’ Moon event on Saturday, October 24th. Names and numbers are not required at this stage but now might be a good idea to note it in your diary?

While no firm arrangements have been made, hopes remain that we may host a ceilidh at Trinity in the near future.

Members heard that two of Trinity’s three weddings – that of Andrew Crossland and Leanne Sherriff on July 11th and Alice Willerton and Dean Love on July 31st – had been spectacularly successful. Jeremy Cutts and Wendy Hartley hope their big day will be similarly splendid on August 23. We wish them all the best!


Thursday September 29th – the venue to be arranged.
Comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 15 – AGM July 2015

Wednesday 8th July 2015
Trinity Hall, BARNSLEY

Paul Taylor, Jim Parkinson, Dale Rivers, Ruth Willerton
Nick Percival, Neil Barham, Phil Johnson, Bob Willerton, Jo Battye, Lynne, Almand, Dawn Waite, Jane Laverack, John Ryall, John Parker, Bill Moss, Dean Love, Alice Willerton, Peter Horner, Jo Morfitt, Sophie Goddard, Chloe Goddard, Andrew Crossland, Martha Mc Dermott

The meeting opened at 19:30

Last years’ minutes were reviewed and approved
The Secretary’s speech remarked that it had been a brave & successful year for a little theatre group including doing very well at the Wakefield Drama Festival and The Lamproom.

The 3 performances this year were discussed and finances disclosed. All 3 were profitable.
The bank balance was disclosed and is in good shape being approximately £500 down on last year but taking into account the new carpet and other expenses.

Officers Reshuffle
Require the appointment of a new treasurer as Ruth Willerton is standing down
Andrew nominated – received 7 votes
Jim Parkinson nominated – received 9 votes
Need to vote in a Vice Chair
Neil Barham nominated Ruth Willerton – carried

Committee Member Reshuffle
Andrew Crossland is standing down
Anne Prew is standing down
Barbara Parkinson will carry on
Ian Harley will carry on
Jane Laverack – nominated – seconded
Joe Battye – nominated – seconded
John Parker – nominated – seconded

Subs to say the same at £5
Introduction of a £1 Junior Membership charge

£2000 to church – agreed
There should be another EGM which can be cancelled if not needed
Phil Johnson thanked committee

Closed meeting at 8:30


Bob Willerton: Suggested we decorate the walls with the A2 posters. Phil Johnson: Frames available for about £5. Also suggested different style of frames for each year/season as continuity of one style is unlikely.

Jim Parkinson: Standard covers for Trinity Players with only the insert pages being changed per play.
Paul Taylor: Sponsorship of back cover advert may be a sum of money for, say, 500 covers irrespective of which play. May “change” sponsor during a play in that case.

Dale Rivers: When emailing members put “members@” into b.c.c box only to avoid reply to all becoming a nuisance. Opening greeting to be “Dear Members”.

WALTER EGO: by Andrew Crossland
Andrew Crossland: Wants to run a workshop of his new play – suggests Thursday 23rd July, Andrew to check with Barbara/Clive Parkinson for hall booking.

Alice Willerton: Please don’t allow children to use this as a climbing frame, it’s not fair to leave discipline to Alice only – parental responsibility.

Paul Taylor: will seek prices for TP fleeces.

Alice Willerton: suggested “Close The Coalhouse Door”
Andrew Crossland: suggested a sort of promenade piece using various parts of the building with the audience moving from area to area.
Paul Taylor suggested moving to four plays per annum
Financial cornerstone is pantomime so stays in January
April play should go to the Wakefield Drama Festival


Monday 10th August, 19:30 at 90 Huddersfield Road, S75 1AH.

All comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 14 – March 2015

Hi Everyone,

The fact that this newsletter is our first in 2015 is largely due to the Extraordinary General Meeting being held at the end of January. It is, essentially, a report of items discussed by a full complement of committee members at their March 9th meeting, held at the home of treasurer, Ruth Willerton.

Chairman Paul Taylor, together with members Barbara Parkinson, Anne Prew, Anthony Crossland, Dale Rivers, Neil Barham, Ian Harley and Jim Parkinson heard Ruth report that our recent pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was as successful financially as it was in terms of audience appreciation. Despite the lamentable break-in, the show generated an income which will go a long way in enabling us to meet our commitments to both the church and other parties in the coming months.


flyer whoselifeDirector Paul Taylor announced that that Whose Life Is It Anyway? has already been cast and rehearsals are under way. No problems are currently foreseen on the set and prop fronts, work on which has already started. The only slight concern is that a principal cast member has now gained a part-time position away from the town and may be unable to attend many of the Wednesday rehearsals. A solution to the problem is being sought.
Anne Prew reported that publicity for the show is well under way with flyers and posters already delivered to the Lamproom Theatre.
For your diaries, the first performance of this acclaimed Brian Clark play is to take place at the Wakefield Theatre Royal and Opera House as the Trinity Players’ entry to the Wakefield Festival during the Spring Bank Holiday week at the end of May.
It will then open at Barnsley’s Lamproom Theatre on Wednesday June 10th and run until Saturday June 13th.
Ticket prices are £11 (£10 concessions) and available from www.BarnsleyLamproom.com or by telephone on Barnsley 200075. Alternatively Email BoxOffice@BarnsleyLamproom.com


Members spent some time considering whether currently healthy state of our membership should be reflected through consideration of staging three productions this year in addition to the pantomime.

Andrew Crossland said he would like to direct one of his own plays as a ‘summer play’ at the end of July. He believed that was possible to squeeze another production in as his play ‘Walter Ego’ has only a six-strong cast of relatively young age. It could therefore overlap without impacting greatly on Whose Life Is It Anyway. The committee agreed to instruct Andrew to canvas support among possible cast members and report back to next month’s committee meeting. Anyone particularly keen to take part can contact Andrew now.

The meeting also heard that John Parker has volunteered to direct the Autumn Play with two comedies under consideration. Neil reported that one play would be a ‘nightmare’ in terms of set construction while Anne reported that the script library had no copies available for the other. The committee agreed to fund John’s purchase of a script for the easier play.

The committee also considered correspondence from Bob Willerton about recent read-throughs of plays. Another volunteer for the arena of directorial combat, Bob is prepared to direct a play either late this year or next. The list of possibles includes Comfort and Joy, The Vicar of Dibley, Ghost Train and Inspector Drake’s Last Case which is being performed by Wombwell Thespians late this month and could be checked out. When We Are Married and Spring and Port Wine have also been discussed as possibles.

With decisions requiring to be made expeditiously, Dale was directed to contact the Lamproom Theatre to see whether we will have choice of both Spring and Autumn slots available to us next year.

Dale additionally reiterated that he is prepared to direct next year’s pantomime but would be requiring rehearsals to start earlier – preferably in October.


Neil reported that the rear storage area not utilised by Trinity Players in recent years has now been cleared of accumulated junk ready for storage use. Unfortunately the floor surface is far from even and he therefore requested £70 for materials to make and install a track system to be used by a trolley. The committee agreed the expenditure.

Neil also reported that he had received quotes of approximately £900 and £1900 for the carpeting of the hall floor. The committee agreed to ask both the church and the other user group, the Lamproom Musical Theatre Society, if they had any objection to the area being carpeted and, indeed, whether either would wish to contribute towards the cost.


Members reported that last month’s Chinese New Year dinner had been enjoyed by all despite numbers being down on those from last year.

Ruth reported that she and Bob were prepared to take a little of the strain off Peter Horner and Jeff by hosting this year’s summer barbecue event at their home as they did in 2013. Suitable dates are now being considered so watch this space!

Neil reported that his brother-in-law had offered the services of his ceilidh band for a dance without fee but on condition that filming could take place for a promotional video designed to encourage further bookings. The committee agreed to graciously accept the offer and examine suitable dates. Again, watch this space.

Mention was also made of the two weddings featuring Trinity members in July. Committee member Andrew is to take the plunge on July 11th with Alice Willerton following suit on July 31st. The venues for evening events are to be Barnsley FC and Shaw Lane respectively.


The committee decided that this year’s Annual General Meeting should take place at Trinity at 7.30pm on Wednesday, July 8th so please enter that date in your diary. One disappointment already known is that Ruth is to step down as treasurer. The good news is that she states the duties are both interesting and rewarding in terms of job satisfaction. ‘Your Society Needs You’ could be an appropriate slogan.

The next committee meeting is to be held on Tuesday, April 14th at 7.30pm at the home of the chairman.

All comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 13 – December 2014

Hi Everyone,

Last month’s newsletter opened with the news that future productions promise to be more colourful because of the purchase of new stage lights.  This month’s starts with news that they may also be rather more dramatic as a result of committee members agreeing the purchase of a pyrotechnic kit, capable of providing loud bangs and flashes etc. as stage characters dramatically appear into or disappear from view.

Perhaps for the benefit of continued injury-free existence, sound and lights guru Jim Parkinson made his appeal for the £230 required by letter delivered from the safety of a bunker where he was enjoying a festive meal with his post office staff.  While his request was approved (despite much wailing by committee members at the further reduction in society funds), Jim was warned that any further requests for cash could result in the bunker being converted into a burial chamber!

It’s believed the committee may have been influenced by Jim’s assertion that the society has paid £150 for the hire of a pyrotechnic facility in the past and his assurance that the new acquisition will be up and running in time for the opening night of our 2015 pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on January 16th.

Iflyer snowwhiten his pre-production notes, the director of this year’s pantomime Bob Willerton reported that rehearsals were progressing well despite some fractured attendances by cast members.

Other good news is that our friends at Penistone Theatre Group had been able to supply almost all the costumes required while the production team of Neil Barham, Ian Harley, Phil Johnson, John Ryal and Jim Parkinson is progressing well with set painting and the manufacture and acquisition of a wide variety or props.

Conversely, however, there remains a need for backstage help and child cast supervision both before and throughout the production run and for someone to take on the selection, purchase and sale of sweets and drinks to the children.

Last but not least, there is a massive need for a really big push in tickets sales and anyone able to help in this – perhaps in the supply of posters to primary schools and nurseries? – is asked to contact any committee member.

Held at the home of secretary, Dale Rivers, on Tuesday, December 9th, the meeting was attended by Paul Taylor (in the chair), Dale Rivers, Ruth Willerton, Anne Prew, Neil Barham and Ian Harley.

Still on the subject of the pantomime, Anne Prew reported that permission had been gained for cast members, in costume and including the panto cow, to attend Barnsley market from 10am to 3pm on Saturday January 3rd to publicise the show and hand out flyers.  As this coincides with an ADDITIONAL REHEARSAL FOR ALL CAST MEMBERS, it is hoped all will take turns in joining the promotion which was described as “fun” by those who took part last year.   It is hoped that the dwarfs, and others only appearing in Act 2, will get things off to a good start at 10am.

The pantomime has already had some publicity in a free publication circulating in Barnsley; newspaper advertisements and, hopefully, a photograph in the Chronicle are being pursued by Anne, Ruth and Ian.

Dale reported that rights to stage Brian Clarke’s acclaimed play Whose Life Is It Anyway? at the Lamproom Theatre in the week commencing June 7th next year have been granted and paid for.

Director Paul Taylor said he hoped anyone wishing to appear in WLIIA will register their interest as early as possible as he hopes to cast it before the pantomime opens but then put it on the back-burner for three or four weeks.  Those hoping to take part should remember that the play is additionally forming our entry in Wakefield Festival being held in the Spring Bank holiday week at the end of May.

In line with the vote taken at the AGM in midsummer, the Committee has recommended that the EGM (open to all paid-up members) be held at Trinity on Wednesday at 7.30pm on Wednesday, January 28th.

Selecting the date after the pantomime, of course, means we should have a better idea of our financial position and the meeting should feature a treasurer’s mid-term report.   Apart from that, there will be no fixed agenda and will be open to members to suggest items for discussion.  The list may include considering expenditure, both in the past and future, for the theatre group and to the church.

The committee decided to place on record its gratitude to former social secretary Peter Horner for his work in ensuring that 28 Trinity members enjoyed a Christmas Dinner-Dance event at Barnsley Football Club’s Oakwell function suite on Friday, December 5th.

Also receiving the committee’s thanks is Dawn Waite whose skilful handling of refreshment monies resulted in the society’s funds increasing by £92.

Last but not least, members were reminded that Anthony Larkin, best remembered for his portrayal of Aunt Em in Trinity’s production of Wizard of Oz in 2010, is leading his Royston pantomimers on stage at Carlton Community College this weekend, December 12-14.

To be arranged. The meeting closed with the chairman, Paul Taylor, wishing a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all Trinity members and supporters.

Comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 12 – November 2014

Hi Everyone,

The best news from Trinity Players this month are that future productions promise to be a lot more colourful!

That’s because the October 30th meeting of the committee saw unanimous approval given to the purchase of seven new stage lights at a cost – including wiring – of £260.  In an emotional appeal for the cash made from a kneeling position, Jim Parkinson said the new LED lights would not only offer change of colours at the touch of a control-panel slide-button but also brightness variation in sequence with the music. (Big ‘Oooh!’ please)   Best of all, the new lights operate at just 15 watts meaning there may well be financial savings as they take over the role of existing lighting.

Jim assured the meeting that the lights will be up and running in time for this year’s pantomime.

One reason for the committee’s decision may be that the treasurer, Ruth Willerton, reported that the October production, Best Served Cold, appeared to have made a profit of around £1,000.  (Please listen for the jubilant trumpet fanfare)

Held at the home of the chairman, the meeting attracted a full complement of committee members: Paul Taylor (in the chair), Ruth Willerton, Dale Rivers, Jim Parkinson, Andrew Crossland, Ian Harley, Anne Prew, Barbara Parkinson and Neil Barham.

bestservedcold 300x212Director Paul Taylor said he believed that Best Serve Cold appeared to have been well received by audiences as well as being financially successful.  For him as director, it had been both an “adventure” and a “joy” thanks, in no small part, to Neil Barham’s idea of revolving set walls, a talented and committed cast and help from all quarters.  The production was additionally enjoyable because it was the first time he had directed a play that he had never seen performed previously.  Paul’s appreciation was echoed by the play’s author, Andrew Crossland, who thanked committee members for “taking a chance with it.”

Full discussion took place on a motion from the chair that consideration should be given to staging an additional play during the next year to capitalise on the recent increase in membership.   It was decided that with next year’s spring play ‘Whose Life Is It Anyway?’ being staged later than usual in the year (June) there was insufficient time to put on an additional play this year.    That did not, however, rule out such a move if membership remains so healthy.

In the absence of cold-suffering director Bob Willerton, Jim Parkinson announced that casting for ‘Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs’, being staged at Trinity on Friday, Saturday and Sunday January 16th, 17th and 18th and Friday and Saturday January 23rd and 24th 2015 was almost complete.  The only problem was that some cast members were currently busy with rehearsals for ‘Oh What A Lovely War’ being staged at the Lamproom this month.  For that reason, it had been decided there should be no meeting of Trinity Players on Wednesday November 5th.

Anne Prew told the meeting she was investigating the possibility of again gaining pre-show publicity by cast members appearing in costume within Barnsley’s market complex or, if that is closed for redevelopment work, within the Alhambra Centre.   The latter could, she warned, be considerably more expensive.

Dale said he was putting the finishing touches to the advertisement poster and Andrew undertook to produce a promotional video.

Dale Rivers informed the meeting that performances rights were available for next year’s spring play ‘Whose Life Is It Anyway?’ which is scheduled to be staged by Trinity at Barnsley’s Lamproom Theatre in the week commencing Sunday, June 7th.  Written by Brian Clarke’s ‘Whose Life Is It Anyway?’ is to be directed by Paul Taylor.

Andrew Crossland announced that plans for a ‘come dine with me’ experience had been put on the back-burner for the present time.  The Hunters’ Moon evening at the Langsett home of Peter and Jeff, however, had been enjoyed by all and the Christmas Dinner event, being held at Barnsley FC’s Oakwell Suite, was also proving popular with around 30 members booked to attend on Friday, December 5th.  Anyone yet to pay the balance should see Peter Horner before he has put the finishing touches to the rack in his cellar.

Two Trinity members putting their skills to further public scrutiny this month are Jane Laverack and Jeremy Cutts.  Jane, scheduled to play the Mirror in our pantomime, is appearing in Sleeping Beauty which is being staged at 7.30pm on November 20, 21 and 22 with a 2.15pm matinee also on the 22nd   at St. Austins in Wentworth Terrace, Wakefield.  Tickets are available by phoning Anne on 01924 382371 or by visiting www.StAustinsPlayers.co.uk .   Jeremy, who is playing our Dame in SWATSD, is appearing as his ‘Gyrating Jeremy’ alter-ego at the Bridge Inn, Cote Lane, Thurgoland,from 8pm on Sunday, November 30th.  Both Jane and Jeremy would appreciate your support.

Last but not least, the first read-through of Andrew Crossland’s follow-up offering, Best Served Cold 2, is to be held at Esther Dyson’s home on the evening of Friday, November 21st.  All those interested in attending should contact Andrew in the first instance.

Monday December 8th, 7.30pm at the home of Dale Rivers.

All comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 11 – September 2014

Hi Everyone,

This newsletter starts, we’re sorry to say, with three appeals. The first of the three is particularly important; a prompt is urgently required for our forthcoming production ‘Best Served Cold’ which opens its four-night run at Trinity on Wednesday, October 1st. Obviously the prompt is a responsible position demanding as much commitment as a place in the cast.  Anyone volunteering would not only need to be available from October 1st to 4th but also for numerous rehearsals in the run-up to opening night.  Anyone able to help should contact the director, Paul Taylor, for full information.

Appeals 2 and 3 relate to the need for front-of-house staff cover for the show and raffle prizes. They will be the subject of separate appeals going out from Ian Harley within the next few days so you have been warned.  Anyone who does not receive e-mails and who wishes to help should contact Ian on Barnsley 287134 or 07780 858078.

Director Paul Taylor told those present at the September 2nd committee meeting that he was really enjoying rehearsals for ‘Best Served Cold’ because it’s the first time he has directed a play that he had never previously seen performed.

While the production was proving to be more complex, particularly in terms of entrances and exits, than first envisaged, good progress was being made by an enthusiastic cast.

Set construction is well under way as is the acquisition of props and furniture and no problems were envisaged on the sound and lighting front.

Anne Prew reported that posters and flyers were already available and the meeting approved purchase of large display photographs and advertisements in the Barnsley Chronicle. Anne was also instructed to seek publicity with local radio stations while Ian Harley was asked to seek editorial coverage by the Chronicle and the ‘local author’ angle.

Jim Parkinson reported that 55 tickets had already been purchased.

Held at Trinity on Tuesday, September 2nd, the meeting was attended by Paul Taylor (in the chair) and Jim Parkinson, Andrew Crossland, Dale Rivers, Ian Harley, Anne Prew, Barbara Parkinson and Neil Barham.

Members agreed that next year’s pantomime production ‘Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs’, again being directed by Bob Willerton, should be staged at Trinity on Friday, Saturday and Sunday January 16th, 17th and 18th and Friday and Saturday January 23rd and 24th 2015.

Curtain-up times will be 7pm for both Fridays; 2.30pm and 6pm for both Saturdays and 2.30pm for the show on Sunday January 18th.

Ticket prices are to be retained at £6 (£5 concessions) for all but the opening night when all seats will be available at £3.

Anne Prew was asked to investigate the possibility of again gaining pre-show publicity by cast members appearing in concert within Barnsley’s market complex.

Members agreed to confirm booking with the Lamproom Theatre for next year’s spring show in the week commencing Sunday, June 7th. At the present time, Brian Clarke’s ‘Whose Life Is It Anyway?’ appears to be the most likely choice to be directed by Paul Taylor.

Andrew Crossland told the meeting that he was canvassing support – by e-mail – for gourmet experiences with participants dining at the homes of fellow members….watch this space!

Members were reminded that Peter Horner, and Jeff, have again invited Trinity members to attend the Hunters’ Moon event at their Langsett home on Saturday, October 11th.

Andrew and Peter are also taking names from those wishing to attend this year’s Trinity Christmas meal at Barnsley FC’s Oakwell Suite on Friday, December 5th. So far, 27 members have paid their £10 deposits for the event thereby entitling themselves to a free half-bottle of wine apiece. That offer may have closed but places are still available.

To be arranged.

All comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 10 – July 2014

This newsletter can be described as a double edition in that it looks back to both the AGM, held at Trinity U.R. Church hall in Crookes Street on Wednesday July 9th, and also the committee meeting held at the home of chairman, Paul Taylor, on Monday, July 28th.

AGM 9th July 2014
The AGM was attended by 23 members who accepted the new constitution put forward by the committee.

Secretary Dale Rivers described the year as a success both on the social front, in which events including a members’ BBQ, Christmas ‘Do’ and post-panto meal-out, and in terms of productions. The latter comprised of Sally Davies’ ‘Not With A Bang’ Bob Willerton’s pantomime ‘Robin Hood And The Babes In The Wood’ and Karen Slater’s ‘Home Is Where Your Clothes Are!’ which also formed our entry to the Wakefield Festival and subsequent awards. Another encouraging factor was that the society’s Facebook page now has 107 followers.

Treasurer Ruth Willerton reported that the society’s bank balance stood £565 below last year’s figure but pointed out that significant sums had been spent on the new stage extension, the technician’s perch, cushions for audience seating, an external display cabinet and other improvements.

The AGM also saw Karen Slater and Peter Horner step down from the committee, their places being taken by Andrew Crossland who will also take over Peter’s duties as social secretary and Neil Barham. Jim Parkinson is to take over Karen’s role as vice chairman with special duties in the collection of membership subscriptions.

Paul Taylor was re-elected as chairman. Dale Rivers and Ruth Willerton continue as secretary and treasurer respectively and Anne Prew, Barbara Parkinson and Ian Harley continue as committee members.

Bill Moss continues as honorary president and his suggestion that a second meeting – like the AGM open to all tour france 2members to attend, speak and vote but held around six months after it – was accepted without dissent.

Having learned that two payments, totalling £230 had been made to the church during the year, the meeting agreed to donate the same sum as last year (£2,000) to the Church Gift Day but being subject to review in six months’ time.

Andrew Crossland and Neil Barham were welcomed to their first committee meeting by chairman, Paul Taylor, at the meeting on July 28. They, together with secretary Dale Rivers, treasurer Ruth Willerton and vice chairman Jim Parkinson decided that the October play should not see raffle proceeds shared with the Hallam FM children’s charity. That arrangement, however, should reconsidered for the production after that.

Director Paul Taylor reported that he had fully cast and held the first rehearsal for Andrew Crossland’s play ‘Best Served Cold’ which is to be staged at Trinity from October 1st to 4th. Set construction is to start shortly and attempts will be made to obtain free publicity in local newspapers on the ‘local writer’ angle. Ticket prices are to remain at £6 (£5 concessions).

Members were informed that Bob Willerton’s offer to direct next year’s pantomime production was the only one received so far. They therefore supported his suggestion of staging ‘Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs’ on January 16th, 17th and 18th and January 23rd and 24th (no dates clashing with Barnsley FC home matches) again at Trinity. Performance times and the possibility of an 8th performance on the final Sunday are to be discussed at a later date.

Dale Rivers reported that the Lamproom Theatre had been contacted with regard to the staging of ‘Whose Life Is It Anyway?’ and the most likely appropriate slot there appeared to be Sunday, June 7th to Saturday, June 17th 2015. Unfortunately that would mean the production’s opening night being at the Wakefield Festival rather than at the Lamproom. Paul Taylor is to direct.

Members agreed to investigate the cost of providing walkie-talkies for tech and backstage and also a switch to another company for the booking-office mobile phone.

Jim Parkinson reported that 23 members had, so far, paid their membership subscriptions in line with the AGM decision that subscriptions remain at £5 for adults (free to those aged 16 and under). The firing squad is being readied for those adults not paying up by August 31st.

The committee agreed to thank former social secretary Peter Horner for organising a fabulous day out at Richmond on July 26th. They also noted their appreciation to Peter and Jeff for this year’s BBQ, the invitation to watch the Grande Depart Tour De France from their home and to return there for the Hunters’ Moon event on Saturday, October 11th.

Members wishing to attend this year’s Christmas ‘Do’ at Barnsley FC’s Oakwell Suite on Friday, December 5th are reminded that they have to get their deposits of £10 per person to Peter within the next three weeks to take advantage of a free half-bottle-per-person wine offer. Andrew will be responsible for collecting the balance nearer the date.

Monday September 1st at 7.30pm
All comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 9 – June 2014

Hi everyone,

I’m afraid the time has arrived again when we ask you to renew your membership subscriptions in time for the all-important annual general meeting being held at Trinity at 7.30pm on Wednesday, July 9th. At present, membership remains at the bargain price of £5 a year but be warned – a suggestion to double that to £10 is to be considered at the meeting so it might be cheaper to pay up now.

Agendas for the AGM will be sent out in the next few days together with a draft of a new constitution put forward by the committee for consideration. Please read this carefully before attending and put any amendments that you wish to put forward down in writing.

You are also reminded that now is the time to consider who you would like to see take a seat on the committee. This year sees the end of the two-year terms of office of Paul Taylor as chairman but, alas, Karen Slater has additionally announced her decision to take a break from her duties as vice chairman and committee member for a few months. Similarly regretted is the decision of our social secretary, Peter Horner, to stand down.

Committee members facing re-election are Barbara Parkinson, Anne Prew, Jim Parkinson and Ian Harley. Anne and Ian, who have special responsibilities for publicity and newsletter production respectively, have already intimated their willingness to step down if others are willing to take their places.

Items of interest from the 16/6/2014 meeting of the committee, held at Trinity, are as follows:

The chairman, Paul Taylor, opened the meeting by thanking Karen Slater (as director of Home Is Where Your Clothes Are!) and her team, for all their hard work. The memorable show is believed to have returned a modest profit despite raffle proceeds being shared with a very deserving local children’s charity.

The production also saw Trinity newcomer Jane Laverack gain the Best Supporting Actress award at the Wakefield Festival and Len Padget named as runner-up in the audience awards for ‘Best Actor.’
Peter Horner, Barbara Parkinson, Anne Prew, Ruth Willerton, Jim Parkinson and Dale Rivers similarly added their congratulations.

Paul reported that he and Andrew Crossland were near to completing the casting for Andrew’s whodunnit play ‘Best Served Cold’ being staged at Trinity from Wednesday October 1st to Saturday October 4th. It is also hoped to hold read-throughs of plays being considered for staging next spring (possibly at the Lamproom) before rehearsals for BSC start in five or six weeks’ time. Scripts being obtained for the readings are to include ‘Deathtrap’ and ‘Whose Life Is It Anyway.’

The good news is that Bob Willerton has again agreed to direct next year’s pantomime unless confronted by someone eager to try their hand.

Peter reported that his Langsett home is busily being prepared to receive Trinity members for the annual BBQ from 2pm onwards on Sunday, June 22 and again for the Tour de France ‘Grand Depart’ on Sunday July 6th.

Around 20 Trinity members are now preparing for the visit to the historic Georgian Theatre in picturesque Richmond, North Yorkshire on Saturday, July 26th. A tour of the theatre in the afternoon will be followed by sightseeing and meal before returning to the theatre in the evening to see a Richmond Amateur Dramatic Society production of ‘The Vicar of Dibley.’ Travelling arrangements are now being finalised.

Last but not least, Peter and Jeff’s home will again be the meeting point for the Hunters’ Moon event at Langsett on Saturday, October 11th.

Barbara reported that the church was very appreciative of a £150 donation made to compensate for any loss of income suffered as a result of extra use by Trinity in the construction of stage extension and sound/light console etc.

The committee agreed to recommend a £2,000 donation to the church as annual payment for room rent, heating and lighting this year to the AGM.

The committee agreed to let Jim Parkinson investigate the possibility of purchasing a dimmer pack and two-way radio communication equipment and Dale to investigate the use of a voice-over IP telephone number to be used instead of the mobile for the box office.

Time, date and venue to be determined by the restructured committee following its election at the AGM.

All comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 8 – April 2014

The April 14th meeting of the Trinity Players’ committee, held at Trinity, saw members decide to reduce the risk of the society’s next production being a pain in the backside for the audience.  Or to put it another way, they decided to spend £500 on the purchase of 100 padded seat covers which, hopefully, will be in place in time for the opening of ‘Home Is Where Your Clothes Are!’ on Wednesday, May 14th.

“Home is Where Your Clothes Are”
14th to 17th May 2014 at the Trinity Church Hall

Peter Horner reported that he had already e-mailed members to remind them that Trinity panto star Alice Willerton and helper Dean Love are celebrating their engagement this Friday, April 18th, at West Green W.M. Club.  All are welcome to join them there.

Peter has also informed members that Andrew Crossland, who so energetically played the dame in this year’s pantomime Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood, would love support from Trinity members when he takes part in An Inspector Calls, Wakefield Little Theatre’s entry in the Wakefield Festival on Wednesday May 28th.  That means it is in competition with our entry,
Home Is Where Your Clothes Are, which is being staged the previous evening.   Why not see both?

Saturday July 26th will see around 20 Trinity members travel by minibus to the picturesque Swaledale town of Richmond, North Yorkshire to tour the historic Georgian Theatre and take a look around the town’s historic cobbled square, castle and museums.  The party will then return to the theatre to see a RADS (Richmond Amateur Dramatic Society) production of The Vicar of Dibley.  Those who have already booked should note that Peter is now collecting the required monies of £11 each.

Peter has also volunteered his delightful Langsett home for not one, not two but three social events this year.   The first is on Sunday, June 22nd when the infamous Trinity Players’ Midsummer Mayhem BBQ returns to Langsett after being staged so well at the Willerton family’s Barnsley residence last year.  Place that in your diary and watch this space!

The second is on Sunday, July 6th when Peter and Geoff are staging an ‘open house’ event as the riders in the Yorkshire Grand Depart section of the Tour de France hurtle past on the A616.  The envisaged popularity of that event, of course, means that parking may be at a premium so you have been warned.

Last but not least, Peter says the popular Hunter’s Moon event is taking place on Saturday, October 11th this year.  More about that will follow in due course.

Paul Taylor has already started to assess the availability of cast members for the autumn play to be staged at Trinity most likely on Wednesday October 1st to Saturday October 4th.   At present, he is busy reading plays and keeping their titles close to his chest but he says his decision will be revealed in time for inclusion in the programme for Home Is Where Your Clothes Are!

The meeting agreed that members should receive a full copy of the constitution, showing the amendments recommended by them following months of deliberation, in good time for the society’s Annual General Meeting which is to be held at Trinity on Wednesday July 9th at 7.30 pm.  Please ensure the date is placed in your diary.

Jim Parkinson reported that he, Neil Barham and Len Paget had been discussing how best to halt further deterioration in the condition of the wooden flooring in the main hall.   The committee hopes others will volunteer to share the work, due to take place this summer.

Monday, June 16th 7.30pm at Trinity.
All comments etc. to:committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 7 – Feb 2014

The January 27th meeting of the Trinity Players’ committee, held at Trinity, opened with the chairman, Paul Taylor, thanking everyone who helped make the recent pantomime, Robin Hood and the Babes In The Wood, such a success.


A full complement of committee members: Karen Slater (Vice), Ruth Willerton, Anne Prew, Peter Horner, Barbara Parkinson, Jim Parkinson, Ian Harley and Dale Rivers (Sec); heard the chairman single out Bob Willerton – director of all five pantomimes over the last four years – for specific praise saying he hoped it would be possible to persuade Bob to fill the role again. Whether such persuasion was successful or not, it seemed vital to ease the directorial workload for future productions. The appointment of an assistant director or producer could be among the options considered.

Also singled out for praise was Neil Barham and his production team, Jim Parkinson for sound-and-light duties, front-of-house volunteers and those who helped in publicity and marketing – particular those who took to the town centre in costume on January 4th.

After hearing from treasurer, Ruth Willerton, that the pantomime is likely to have made a profit in excess of £1,300, the committee considered the Directors’ Notes, commendably submitted by Bob at the close of the show, and flagged up several items for future consideration. They included:

• The need to keep an impressive line-up of junior cast members involved in the society.

• Consideration of purchase, hire and use of a movable spotlight and microphone.

• The rearrangement of performance times.

• The need to improve the look and appearance of the hall.

• Provision of an advertisement board outside the hall.

• The improvement of hall seating through the purchase of new seat covers.

The committee agreed that a donation of £100 be made to the authors of the pantomime script, Christine and Michael Goodwin. As was the case last year, the money is to go to a charity of their choice.


Jim Parkinson announced that a bill of £275 had been received for the work necessary to ensure the hall gained a safety certificate in operation for the next six years. The committee agreed the bill be paid.


Karen reported that she has selected the comedy, ‘Home Is Where Your Clothes Are’ by Anthony Marriot and Bob Grant, appropriate for her return to the directorial arena. With a cast of four men and four women, it is to be performed at Trinity in the week commencing May 12th but with an additional performance on Sunday, May 25th as our entry in the Wakefield Festival.

Karen said the first read-through is to take place at Trinity on Wednesday January 29th. Cast ages are flexible and she hoped anyone interested in taking part (on stage or in production) would attend. If anyone wished to be considered but could not attend Trinity on the next Wednesday or two, could they please contact her?


The committee commended the action of former chairman, Phil Johnson, in compiling a chronological list of previous productions both by Trinity Players and its forerunner organisation, Farrer Street Players, after realising that information was scant particularly for the post-1994 period. They hope all members members will give Phil whatever help they can.


Peter Horner announced that arrangements had been made for around 20 members to attend Mapplewell’s China Court restaurant for a Chinese meal at 7.30pm on Friday, January 31st. It could be, however, that the booking could be enlarged if any late-comers contacted the restaurant direct.

Similarly, Peter reported that around ten Trinity members had already paid to see the Friday, February 7th performance of Dick Whittington at Penistone Paramount. He understood that tickets remained on sale there at a cost of £8 (£5 concessions) should other members wish to make their own arrangements to join the party.

Last but not least, Peter said he was investigating the possibility of members visiting the historic Georgian Theatre at Richmond, North Yorkshire on either the last Saturday in July or the first Saturday in August. A tour of the theatre and seats for the comedy ‘The Vicar of Dibley’, performed by Richmond Amateur Dramatic Society, would be separated by a meal or, perhaps, a visit to Richmond Castle (English Heritage) or Easby Abbey. Anyone interested should contact Peter for further information.


Having adjourned consideration of a new constitution at the last meetings, the committee completed the task by considering the following items: AGM minutes and Extraordinary General Meetings; Subscriptions and Finance; Visitors to Rehearsals and Readings; the Registration of Members; Productions and Membership of the Society.

Because of the wordiness of the items, it was decided that copies of the complete new constitution of Trinity Players Theatre Society should be prepared and distributed to members in good time for the annual general meeting.


Monday February 10th at 7.30pm at the home of Paul Taylor.

All comments etc. to:committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 6 – Jan 2014

The December 30th meeting of the Trinity Players’ committee, held at the home of Dale Rivers, saw Paul Taylor (chairman), Ruth Willerton, Karen Slater, Anne Prew, Barbara Parkinson, Jim Parkinson, Ian Harley and Dale (Sec), decide to start this newsletter with three appeals all concerning the forthcoming pantomime production ‘Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood.’ It’s a case of ‘Your society needs you’ as General Kitchener would have said.


The first is for anyone with an hour or so free this Saturday (January 4th) to join with cast principals and friends as they hand out flyers and talk to members of the public about the show in Barnsley market complex (ground floor near the escalators). There’s nothing worse than players in costume being ignored (or teased) by passers-by so if you can give them a little moral support, please pop along there between 11am and 2.45pm.


The second appeal is for people to join the ranks of Lorraine Percival, Peter and Christine Mulroony and committee members: Karen, Anne, Barbara and Paul, in providing front-of-house cover during the seven performances. If you can help, please contact Ian Harley on Barnsley 287134 or on ianharley@talktalk.net and, if you can persuade your spouse, partner, friend, neighbour or family member to help you, so much the better.


Last but no least, we’d be more than delighted to take those girth-swelling chocolates and biscuits off your hands as raffle prizes. The same goes for unwanted presents (children’s as well as adults), hangover-inducing bottles and the like. If you can help, any committee member will be more than happy to take items from you.
Karen reported that she has shortlisted three plays for the week commencing May 12th. The two front-runners are currently Alan Aykbourne’s ‘Bedroom Farce’ and ‘Home Is Where Your Clothes Are’ by Anthony Marriot and Bob Grant. As you can probably guess from the titles, both are comedies and both have casts of around eight or nine strong.

Members said they had received very favourable reports from the Christmas social event held at Barnsley FC on Friday December 20th. They therefore decided to minute their appreciation to Peter Horner whom, it’s believed, has now turned his attention to an event similar to last years when an evening dinner coincided with both the end of the pantomime run and the arrival of the Chinese new year.FUTURE PRODUCTIONS
It was confirmed that the Lamproom Theatre has announced that they were unable to offer us a slot for a production there during next year’s autumn season despite our very early approach. It therefore seems the production will take place at Trinity although other venues may be considered.

It was again decided that consideration of this item be deferred to the next meeting.

Our chairman still has possession of some of long-awaited polo shirts and, if the correct size is available, will be delighted to hand them over in exchange for £6.

Monday January 27th at 7pm at Trinity..  All comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com

And with that, the committee takes this opportunity of wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year!


Newsletter No. 5 – Dec 2013

The November 26th meeting of Trinity Players’ committee, held at Trinity United Reformed Church, opened with Barbara Parkinson reporting that the group’s donation to the church, in recompense for the use of the hall for rehearsals and shows etc., had been graciously received.

Committee members Paul Taylor (chairman); Dale Rivers (secretary), Anne Prew, Jim Parkinson, Ian Harley and Barbara were joined by Bob Willerton, director of the pantomime production, Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood

Bob reported that the production had now been cast despite difficulties in recruiting a dame.  In the end Andrew Crossland had galloped to the rescue in that role.

Other principals are Esther Dyson as Robin, Phil Johnson as the Sheriff, Chloe Goddard as Maid Marian, Lynne Allmand as the Fairy, Joanne Morfitt as Lady Malfoy, Alice Willerton as Alan o’ Dale, Rose Naisby as Cod, Becki Swinden as Piece, Ian Harley as King Richard, John Parker as Little John, Dale Rivers as Will Scarlet and the Rev Nick as Friar Tuck.

Several others, including some newcomers and children have gained speaking parts with one or two yet to be cast.  Mondays are to join Wednesdays as rehearsal nights in December with selected Saturdays used for children

PANTO APPEALS – Bob would love to hear from anyone who could step into the role of costume manager. Responsibilities would include liaison with members of the cast to determine costume requirements and sizes etc. and helping with the selection process.

Similarly Neil Barham would be delighted to hear from anyone willing to help with set decoration and prop production.
Ian Harley, meanwhile, reports that the whips and chains, used to encourage front-of-house staff recruitment, are being readied for use.

Consideration was given to all aspects of publicity including mailshots, the cost of a display banner, newspaper and radio coverage, promotional use of the website and social networking sites, the printing of posters and flyers and the targeting of their distribution.
It was decided that, in addition, to purchase the right to man a stall at the Alhambra Centre from 11am to 3pm on Saturday, January 4th. Cast members may then be asked to appear in costume in two shifts to help distribute flyers and generally publicise the show.

Two offers to direct next year’s spring play were considered. In the end it was decided to accept that of Karen Slater as she has not had the opportunity of directing a TP show for several years. It is hoped the play can be staged at Trinity in the week commencing May 12. That would give us the flexibility to take the production to the Wakefield Festival should we wish to do so.

Members attending the Christmas social event at Barnsley FC on Friday December 20th are reminded that Peter Horner requires all monies ASAP and certainly by Monday, December 2nd.
Peter is also interested in hearing from all those interested in dining out together around the time of the Chinese new year. Last year’s event was very successful and coincided nicely with the end of the pantomime so watch this space!

The meeting heard that the Lamproom Theatre may not be able to offer us a slot for a production there during next year’s Autumn season.

Jim Parkinson reported that an electrical survey has to be carried out at the church and hall. The results of the survey could result in additional expense to the church and disruption to TP operations.

As time was getting late, it was decided to place this item on the agenda for the next meeting.

Our chairman is now in possession of the long-awaited polo shirts and will be delighted to hand them over to those who have ordered them on receipt of the £6.

Monday December 30th at 3pm at the home of Dale Rivers.

All comments etc. to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com


Newsletter No. 4 – Nov 2013

Minutes of the Trinity Players, Barnsley, Committee Meeting held at Trinity United Reformed Church, Farrar Street at 7.30pm on Monday, October 28th 2013
Present: Paul Taylor (chairman), Ruth Willerton (Treas), Jim Parkinson, Barbara Parkinson, Anne Prew, Ian Harley, Peter Horner and Dale Rivers (Sec.)
Apologies: Karen Slater

JIM PARKINSON: The meeting opened with Jim Parkinson being welcomed back to the committee’s ranks and members being informed that Ian Davies had now been discharged from hospital, was ‘out and about’ and making a good recovery.

PREVIOUS PRODUCTION: Not With a Bang: The chairman reported that despite concern over ticket sales in the run-up to the show, he believed the show had “come to life” during the last fortnight. As a result, it had been successful financially and well received by audiences. It h ad also resulted in a good mix of talents from older and newer members of the cast and production team. His congratulations went out to everyone concerned and to director, Sally Davies, in particular.

The treasurer reported that nett profit from the show, while down on that of Last Tango in Whitby, was nonetheless commendable and in the region of £1,300. Over the four nights, 419 seats were sold and 329 unsold (56 per cent of the 748 available). Of those, 177 were full-price and 242 concessions.

NEXT PRODUCTION: Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood: Jim Parkinson reported that a production meeting, chaired by director Bob Willerton, and attended by Neil Barham, himself, Ian Harley, John Parker and Phil Johnson had already attended to consider script updates and changes, set backcloths and props etc. Casting problems had also been mentioned, notably for the dame and sheriff roles.

The meeting agreed endorsed the intention to stage the show at Trinity on the Friday evenings of January 10 and 17th with matinee and evening shows the following days but agreed to ask the production team to consider adding a further show on Sunday, January 12th.

The secretary reported that Phil Johnson had produced an eye-catching flyer and he and Anne would ensure that posters and flyers were available in good time. Further discussion followed on publicity including the possibility of a promotional appearance by cast members in Barnsley’s market complex on Saturday January 4 and canvassing of schools and youth organisations (eg. Brownies).

FINANCE: The treasurer reported that £2,000 was ready to be handed over to the church in accordance with the AGM decision.

SOCIAL: Peter Horner reported that 29 members had expressed intent to attend the Christmas Party Night at Barnsley FC on Friday, December 20th although not all had paid the necessary deposits.

The meeting also agreed to investigate repeating February’s successful social event with members dining out together at the time of the Chinese New Year.

POLO SHIRTS: The chairman reported that the polo shirts had arrived but, unfortunately, with the ‘p’ missing from the ‘tp’ logo. They were now on their way back to the manufacturers in the hope that the ‘p’ could be added.

FUTURE PRODUCTIONS: After consideration of future productions including next year’s Wakefield Festival, the committee agreed to appeal for volunteers to direct future productions and also to suggest plays for reading and consideration as future productions.

CONSTITUTION: The review of the society’s rules and constitution continued by looking at the heading ‘Management – Officers and Committee.’ The following wording was agreed:
i) The Players shall be managed by a management committee of elected officers and ordinary committee members drawn from the society’s membership as follows:
Chairperson – who will preside and have a casting vote at committee meetings
And up to six paid-up members.
ii) A quorum shall consist of six committee members of whom two must be officers.
iii) The committee has the power to elect a temporary chairman should the elected chair of vice-chairman not attend a meeting.
iv) The committee needs to ensure that minutes are kept of each meeting
v) All committee members shall serve for one year until the next Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election from year to year. All officers shall serve for two years preferably on a staggered basis (i.e. the chair and treasurer as a pair and the vice chair and secretary as a pair).
vi) The management committee shall have the power to co-opt from membership to fill any casual vacancy on the committee until the next annual general meeting.
vii) The management committee shall have the power to appoint competent people to undertake
all aspects of each production and the society’s affairs.
a) These appointees are required to report to the management committee from time to time but do not carry voting rights which remain with the elected members.
b) The management committee shall have the power to dismiss any of these appointees if proved to be necessary.
viii) A president can be appointed by invitation after a majority decision by members.
ix) The committee or members may propose any alterations to the rules but these must be confirmed at the annual general meeting or extraordinary meeting convened for the purposed before they can take effect.

Next Meeting: Monday November 25th at 7pm at Trinity United Reformed Church.
All comments etc to: committee@trinityplayersbarnsley.com